Tuesday, July 6, 2010

The World Cup Update - For you Sports Fans!

Well the World Cup, or, La Copa Mundial de FIFA, is fast approaching its climactic game. We now know that the Netherlands, who are also known internationally as Holland (Holanda and Los Países Bajos in Spanish) continue their feverish attempt at gunning for the unusually-awkward looking World Cup trophy that looks like something that came out of Hades. I guess as long as this trophy's contents contains some kind of precious metal, all will be satisfecho.

Uruguay was upset in stunning fashion, as are most hardcore contenders for the crown this deep in the pursuit. Fútbol has a way of making champs out of chumps, which is the very reason Spain has advanced thus far, so as a result we are now guaranteed an All-European Final game. The Netherlands can now propagate another dynasty reminiscent of the 1970s where England simply had to lay down the flag of St. George playing team Oranj. Too bad the Dutch only finished 2nd two years in a row, which in and of itself doesn't fare to shabby, yet this precursor will doom the current-day boys from Amsterdam I think with another second-place finish, especially if they have to cleat up against their German foes who continue to impress with impressively accurate striking.

The big surprise continues to be Spain who, based on as-far-analytical-as-you-can-get reports will have their relojes cleaned playing the Krauts in Johannesburg. The cries of olé in the stands will continue to be drowned out by the vuzuvelas, much to the chagrin of the Real Madrid players who have taken their nation's banner to South Africa in a glorious attempt to restore Spain to their glory days of Felipe II's 16th Century. The Escorial is either pledged to become a monumental sign of Spanish soccer wizardry or a Goliath-type burial house for the defenders who aren't going to be paying attention to the offside line on a dominating German offense.

Now is the time, world, where we must decide for the next four years the fate of the footballing world. Will we be destined to learn the German way of soccer, or can we assume that perhaps the Dutchman can put up more goals and less windmills? The North Sea after all might flood out all of the soccer fields this year in the Netherlands, so this might be the last time for another twenty years the the Dutch can etch a mark in the annals of FIFA history.

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