Monday, May 25, 2015

The Best Secret to Learning Spanish

How's everybody doing?  Ojala que todo vaya bien en sus estudios del idioma espanol.

Are you having trouble keeping pace with studying Spanish?  Do you feel that "you''ll just never learn, so, why bother keeping up with practicing"? 

Well, the answer is right in front of you.  You have the BEST tool for learning different languages simply because you're a human being.  Since the dawn of time and commerce, humans have exceeded expectations and have adapted to new cultures and languages:  the Carthiginians and the Hebrews were exposed to Egyptian, and "los anglosajones" (the Anglo Saxons, who were more Germanic in their presentation) were exposed to Roman (Latin, or more appropriately, Greco-romanesque) influence. 

Go and buy something at a local Fiesta, or La Michoacana, and just strike up a conversation with a clerk in the produce, "verduras".  It doesn't matter that you're a beginner, or that you're hesitant.  All that MATTERS is that you try.  People of all cultures are the same: they love engaging in conversation.  You might even score a few grammar pointers.  Pretty soon, these pointers will add up and you've be able to converse like a true native.

It's how I learned.

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