Wednesday, January 12, 2011

The Verb Hacer(to do, to make)

Below is the conjugation for verb hacer("to do, to make").

To practice using this verb, try accompanying it with the following expressions commonly used in Spanish:

hacer buenas migas  to hit it off with somebody
hacer un papel  to play a role
hacer juego  to match  
hacer época to be sensational, attract public attention
hacer su agosto  to make a killing
hacérsele agua la boca  to make someone's mouth water

I wrote these sentences, implementing a variation of verb conjugations:

Nos conocimos ayer y hicimos buenas migas.  We met each other yesterday and we hit it off. 
La industria hace un papel grande en el gobierno.  Industry plays a big role in the government.
Estos pantalones harán juego con mi camisa.  These pants will match with my shirt. 
Si el Super Bowl estuviera jugado en Washington D.C., haría época If the Super Bowl were played in Washington D.C., it would be AWESOME!!! 
Si vendiera todos los libros, yo me habría hecho mi agosto.  If I sold all of the books, I would have made a killing.  
El camarón brochete de Uncle Julio's Mexican Restaurant en Irving, TX se me hace agua la boca.  The Brochete shrimp at Uncle Julio's Mexican Restaurant in Irving, TX makes my mouth water.  

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